Tariq’s Inspiration

Having door knocked Ward 5 for months, constituents of all backgrounds asked Tariq for his inspiration.

If not for his beautiful wife and children, he would not have had cause to serve in public office.

Naturally, the place he felt most at home is with his loved ones.

Everything he does is for them. To provide them with all they could ever need. To give them a chance at a better future and a better life.

Born and raised in Pakistan, he was not afforded this due to the economic hardship and political instabilities of his birthplace.

But over two decades ago, he committed to doing what millions before him did. With the heaviest of hearts, he packed up from the only place he had ever known for greener pastures.

As an immigrant, adjusting to life in Calgary was not always easy. There were many nights that he struggled to make ends meet. But like any adversity, he adapted, overcame and triumphed.

He worked hard and proved those who doubted us wrong.

The entrepreneurial spirit consistent with all Albertans carried him and his family through the tough times, blessing him with three beautiful children.

It pains him to think that a Calgary in decline could leave them worse off than him. That future is not one he could bear to have come true.

And like his family, there are tens of thousands of others in Ward 5 who face similar struggles daily. Whether you are a newcomer taking in the Prairie Chinooks for the first time or blessed with the gift of living in Calgary for generations, he stands with you.

Together, we will be the symbol for change and renewal.

Together, we will usher in a new decade of prosperity for Ward 5.

Because a Fair Deal for Ward 5 is a Fair Deal for all.