My Platform

As part of our commitment to a grassroots campaign, we understand that our priorities begin and end with the voices of our community.

We encourage you to provide your take on local issues and give feedback on what we are doing well and what we need to work on.

Without YOUR vision for the future, our cause for a Fair Deal would be for naught.

That is why we are excited to unveil our preliminary campaign platform. Stay tuned for updates in the coming days.

We will highlight our platform and provide you with the Ward 5 take on local issues that matter to you.

But for now, OUR platform can be summarized by the following:

  1. Timely snow removal
  2. More recreational facilities
  3. Encourage innovation, investment, and job creation
  4. Strengthen police, community relations
  5. Advocate lower property taxes
  6. Accountability, transparency to taxpayers